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Venice Beach Walking Tours

The Classic Interactive Venice Beach Walking Tour with an Emphasis on the Boardwalk

Call Jeffrey Solomon now at 310-433-8453.

Or if you don't reach Jeffrey.

Call or text Brandon Barney now at 310-571-8553.

Parking Tips for Your Venice Beach Walking Tour

Rose Avenue ends into a spacious, for a fee parking lot.  (Driving Directions to the Parking Lot) Please park in this inexpensive lot. Your tour guide will meet you at a location nearby which will be directly communicated to you before the tour. You will see a restaurant close to the parking lot called "The Waterfront." It is located on Ocean Front Walk just north of Rose Avenue. We recommend our guests stop there for refreshments before the tour begins.

For maximum enjoyment of your Venice Beach Walking Tour, please bring SPF 15 or higher sunscreen, comfortable walking shoes, a camera, along with a sense of fun and adventure.